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Businesses need much more than just a supply of high quality products in order to maintain their competitive edge. Technopure’s commitment to industry does not stop with the supply of high quality products.

The company offers a wide range of valuable technical services that will impact positively on businesses production efficiency and product quality, with reduced production rejections and operational costs.

Technopure care builds a relationship that is beyond a common supplier – buyer relationship. We continue to grow with our customers by delivering unmatchable breadth of engineered components and value-added services.

We welcome any feedback, technical query and service call from our customers. Feel free to call our hotline number, our customer care staffs are prepared to serve you

Technopure Available Service

Technopure Care offers techincal services to help customer to maintain a cost effective system and improve overall compressed air system or individual unit performance. Service available from Technopure Care:

• Servicing of Compressed Air Purification Equipment.

Whether it is the air dryer, air filter, condensate drain or others, Technopure provides trained service engineers to troubleshoot the problem or to perform a regular service.

• Dew Point Measurement

How good is your air quality? Are you suffering from a lot of water condensate in your compressed air pipe, rusting pipeline / equipments, spoiled products due to high moisture? Your air dryer may seem to work properly but is it delivering the right air quality? Find out about it soon and let Tecnopure service engineers help you to analyze the dew point and advise the solution.

• Flow Rate Measurement

Energy conservation and environmental safeguards are of great interest to most progressive corporation. To assure the fficiency and effectiveness of compressed air systems, the measurement of flow is crucial. A modern compressor converts 90% of the electrical power into heat and only 10% into compressed air. This makes compressed air 10 times more expensive than electricity. It’s common to measure the consumption of electricity, but only a few corporations measure the compressed air consumption. Not measuring means not knowing about the efficiency of the system. Statistics show that 30% of the compressed air is lost through leakage, which could be detected and fixed.

• Leak Detection

Energy cost will become more and more expensive. If you are using compressed air, nitrogen or CO2 gas, you probably have leaks in you pipeline, adding pollution to the environtment and wasting your money without knowing. These leaks can only be detected using an ultrasonic detector. Technopure offers the opportunity to save money, protect the environtment and increase the utilization rate of the gas. Ensure that customer is paying only for the gas they use not for leaks.

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