Advanced Air Pipe System

Transair is a manufacturer of fast, flexible and easy to modify aluminum pipe system, which is intended for all industrial sectors. Transair is an intelligent and flexible system designed for quick and easy-to-modify compressed air, vacuum and inert gas systems installation. This technology takes into account the specific requirements of each diameter and provides the user with optimum safety ratio and easy connection.

Technical Specification

Suitable Fluids:

• Compressed air

• Vacuum

• Inert gases: argon, nitrogen ( for other fluids, please contact us )


Working Pressure:

• Compressed air

• Compressed air – 16 bar


Working Temperature: -20°C to +60°C


• Transair fittings : Conform to UL94HB

• Transair mounting clips : Conform to UL94V-2

• Fire resistance : All Transair components are non-flammable, with no propagation of flame.

• Resistance to mechanical shocks: The pipe material (aluminum) is ductile, which in case of a shock causes simple deformation of the tube.


Extruded aluminum pipe: Conforms to ASTM b241, EN 755.2 and EN 755.3



• Polyamide

• Plate brass

• Stainless steel

• Powder-coated aluminum

• Nitrile seals


Recyclability: 100% recyclable materials


Resistance to working environment:

• Storage temperature: -40°C to +80°C

• Excellent resistance to: Ultra violet rays & compressor oils ( mineral or synthetic). For list of fluids, please contact us.


The performance of a compressed air system is directly linked to the material of the pipe. The specific characteristics of Transair powder-coated aluminum pipe guarantees the best performance from your equipment and pneumatic tools :

• Good quality clean air, compatibility with most compressor oils, with no risk of corrosion or distortion.

• Optimum flow rate performance, superior to steel, due to the low coefficient of air friction over aluminum,

• Excellent resistance to shocks, aggressive environments and aging ( Qualicoat label certified ),

• Calibration with specific tolerances ensures excellent gripping and sealing,

• Reinforcement of its mechanical, physical and chemical characteristic, by a specific thermal process after extrusion,

• Low weight easy on-site handling for use with different types of support,

• Blue color for quick identification of your Transair compressed air pipe systems.

Principle Of Operation

Quick assembly connection with gripping ring 16.5mm – 25mm – 40mm

Pipe Sizes : 16.5 mm O.D. = 1/2” ID
  25 mm O.D. = 7/8” ID
  40 mm O.D. = 1 1/2“ ID
  63 mm O.D. = 2 1/2" ID
  76 mm O.D. = 3” ID
  101 mm O.D. = 4” ID

Quick assembly of the Transair components include in this catalog is secured by an internal gripping ring or external double clamp ring.